The specifications: The essential support for the success of a project – Update

The development of a specification can be laborious for some. However, by following certain rules, this one can be a serious asset to the success of a project.

Within the company, the specifications allow to formalize the needs and explain them to the various players to ensure that everyone agrees. This requires setting quantified targets for the company. This document is then used to select the provider and then manage the relationship throughout the “project.” This contractual repository shared by the provider and the project team in-house, the specifications are therefore the main communication tool of the project manager.

We must never lose sight of the view that the specifications live throughout the project. This is why this document must be easy to read and it must make you want to read it. Imposing a tedious reading would be the best way for no one to use it. Its drafting should favour summaries, smart lists and tables. This document should be as synthetic as possible.

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The creation of a specification allows:

– to structure the project,
– to clarify his ideas
– to identify different needs
– to ensure the proper understanding of the project by the provider concerned

The first rule is to rigorously write down the specifications in order to control the cost of implementing the software package.

The specifications should be set up as follows:

– Introducing the company
– Presentation of the current technical environment (material, software, development)
– General overview of the software package (expected features)
– Definition of the constraints before setting up the software (data recovery….)
– Identify users and their rights
– Describe the desired hardware environment (cloud, local…)

It is also necessary to describe the objective to be achieved in the change of software packages.

Beforehand, it is necessary to identify the different users involved in the project:

Example of acquiring an accounting solution:

– Brigitte Duran Function: Chief Accountant Use of the software package: Entering the writings, carrying out statements, bank reconciliations

Second, the definition of technical constraints is important for the smooth running of the project although the target software package is likely to significantly change the computer fleet given the technical recommendations desired by it.

It is therefore necessary to define the current fleet (server, pc) of all the users concerned.

For the drafting of functional needs, it is crucial to set priorities for the desired features. For example, when reading the specifications, a desired function that is not of great importance can significantly increase the implementation budget.
For this reason, the functional priority rule is essential in order to give the claimant greater latitude and thus decide on certain functional points of the project.

Software constraints are twofold: the software execution environment alone and the software’s interaction with the operating system and other software.

Writing a specification is the essential step for the success of your software project. You take advantage of all this work done ahead of the start of the project by clarifying your need.

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