Management solutions for PETITES ENTREPRISES

WaySoft offers the most relevant choice of management software for small businesses that combine efficiency and budget.

Whatever your industry (industry, transport, trading, service…) and your needs(accounting, business management, customer relations, logistics, payroll, HR),you will find in our range an appropriate response to specificities. your business.

Sage 50cloud Payment Accounting

Coming from the latest generation of Sky and Wise software, Sage 50cloud Ciel Compta relies on our historical range, Ciel Compta and Ciel Compta Evolution to allow you to focus on the essentials: from entering the paperwork to editing the balance sheet, in tracking your cash flow.

Sage 50cloud Commercial Management

Need to manage all your business from order to delivery? Sage 50cloud Sky Commercial Management lets you manage the entire billing chain with customizable business part models. Does your business and its management have specificities? This management software allows you to manage, among other things, multi-deposit inventory, multi-level item nomenclature, bilingual billing, multi-maturity or subscription.

Sage 100cloud Pay

Make it easier to manage your pay and get a detailed analysis of your employees. From the production of pay slips to the follow-up of holidays and absences, you benefit from a complete solution. With Sage 100cloud Pay you are guaranteed to work with software that complies with current legislation (DSN, DADS-U, etc.).

Sage One

You know the importance of managing your company’s finances well. Sage One helps you do this by maintaining control over the collaboration and distribution of tasks between you, your accountant and bookkeeper.

Sage 50cloud Sky

Sage 50c Ciel is a simple and quickly operational accounting and management solution integrated with Microsoft Office 365, compliant with legal developments and offering secure mobile access.

Discover a full range of software to manage your business. Online or installed on your computer, it’s up to you!

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