Qualification questionnaires

WAYSOFT supports its offers on the basis of a form that allows you to offer the most suitable software offer.

You can also contact our sales department at

01 86 26 53 53 or by completing the contact form below.

Take the time to complete them, they will be the first essential elements of your project.

form Sage 100cloud

Questionnaire Global

This global form allows us to have the first qualification elements of a project all software packages combined

Accounting Questionnaire

With a view to acquiring an accounting solution, we make this form available to you

Commercial Management Questionnaire

Whether you are in the trade, industry or service, this form allows us to understand your project as well as possible.

questionnaire Pay and HR

Once this form is completed, we will be able to provide you with an initial evaluation of your project.

questionnaire Crm

This form asks you about all the features that a CRM covers

Once the qualification form or forms have been completed, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Complete this form if you prefer to be contacted by our sales department