Our Partners

WaySoft as a Sage Skills Centre has forged a strong partnership with the publisher.

SAGE: Undoubtedly the leading publisher of management solutions for SMEs, it brings with all its offerings both the answer to the functional needs of companies but also the sustainability desired by users.

In addition to this publisher, WaySoft has sectioned related solutions to enrich Sage applications.

WaySoft has the highest level of accreditation awarded by the publisher to resellers of Sage solutions for SMEs

This labeling requires the acquisition of technical certifications on Sage’s core-range software.

Our consultants who have these certifications, accompany you in all your management projects through auditing, training, settings and assistance missions.

Our Sage Support Centre demonstrates our investment and expertise in management solutions.

A label for a higher quality of service

WaySoft assigns to all its partners two labels that guarantee its customers:
  • complement the solutions offered by WaySoft,
  • Have an interface with Sage solutions,
  • to have a pricing positioning in relation to the offer proposed by Sage,
  • have at least 3 references with an interface on The Solutions Offered by Waysoft

WaySoft’s partners are divided into several categories (technological, business publishers, services, finance, etc.).

Part of WaySoft's solutions

The trust label is awarded to the partners whose WaySoft manages the entire project.

It refers to the solutions or players for which WaySoft has a great recoil both on the implementation and on the knowledge of the partner.

WaySoft’s partners are categorized by broad categories (finance, services and consulting, technology, business solutions, etc.).

A partner of choice

The “Council” label is awarded to partners who have been selected on their listening skills, the solutions they propose and the budget that remains consistent with the proposed projects.

WaySoft is content with highly recommended but does not support the implementation of the project.

Extended possibilities through our related solutions at Sage

Burst is a high-performance and easy-to-implement Sage application hosting solution, with the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy availability of your space
  • Particularly attractive cost (from 69 ht per user/month with no minimum number of users
  • Server maintenance and backup included
  • Opportunity to have a case, thus freeing the PC too expensive
  • Record access and processing treatments
  • Optimized for Sage management environments
  • isponible for multiple media (PC, Mac, tablets, mobile…..)

Logix is the technical partner par excellence that knows how to work in all sizes and offers the following services:

  • The sale of equipment
  • The initial audit
  • Advice and follow-up
  • The administration of the network
  • Securing the IT environment
  • Telephone helpline
  • Preventive maintenance

Oxatis is an e-Commerce solution in Saas mode, created in 2001 and with more than 10,000 active online stores to date. It offers a comprehensive solution that includes hosting, access to the solution and more than 400 features to create its e-Commerce site. Oxatis sites are also optimized for natural referencing and all have a mobile version. Oxatis customers have 365 days of support for the creation of their online stores, whether they are carried out independently or with the help of Oxatis experts. The features are constantly evolving, in order to adapt to the behaviors of the market and consumers. A turnkey or custom solution, Oxatis adapts its solution to all types of e-Commerce projects and budgets. With 15 million orders on all of its e-Commerce sites, Oxatis is a major player in the market. Players like Sage or Google have chosen this solution to build solutions and interfaces exclusive in e-Commerce.Oxatis offers a very feature-rich e-Commerce solution with very good technical performance and you accompanied by quality services. More than 10,000 customers in all industries have chosen Oxatis to create their e-commerce site. Oxatis in a few words:

  • A Solution in SaaS Immediately Available
  • A modern and rich graphics
  • Permanent and automatic changes
  • Excellent functional wealth
  • An accompaniment by experts

Download the brochure by clicking on the image

ADD Informatics offers the software package dedicated to the “Addvance” points of sale. A real global solution, it interfaces with Sage.

Autonomy, security

Each case has its own database and its own customizable synchronizations every x minutes.

If the connection between the store and the seat were to be cut, network or internet failure, the cash register would continue to operate in complete autonomy until the link was restored.

All price or discount changes are traced for cash reporting.

Returns management procedure managed directly from the internet server, to avoid duplicate use of the same ticket to have.

ADD Informatics offers the software package dedicated to the “Addvance” points of sale. A real global solution, it interfaces with Sage.

Speed, ergonomics

A pending document is visible from all the cash registers in the store, and can be recalled from any of them.

Keyboard shortcuts save you time on each sale, 3-Codebarre positions 3 in quantity, F2 – F2 – waiting, F4 – F4 – Last document recall, etc.


The possibility of pre-selling with an MC75 PDA (Mc DONALD).

Tile input mode, allowing easy use on iPad, Tablet, Phone.

Tickets, Invoices, Documents A4 (Quotes, Purchase orders, Delivery vouchers, bills).

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The Waza console: Consolidation, exchanges between applications… with Sage 100

Very useful for:

Consolidating data between multiple companies

Exchange data between Sage 100 Commercial Management and a website

Structure account creation in Sage 100 Commercial Management

Link Sage 100 Business Management to a business application

– …

Cauris Editions offers complementary solutions to Sage applications, including:

Edisauv, a high-performance backup software package on Sage 100c Accounting, Commercial Management and Pay, allowing you to administer your SQL backups in a simple and intuitive way……

Editrace and a software package dedicated to traceability of flows on Sage 100c Accounting and Business Management. It provides relevant information on transactions on Sage 100 applications. Some stains or data may be alerted…..

Download the Edisauv brochure by clicking on the image

Download the Editrace brochure by clicking on the image

Clearnox is an innovative company, with the to help businesses get paid faster thanks to a solution dedicated to management of the customer’s outstanding assets.

Clearnox, you benefit:

Securing a cash flow

Shorter payment times

Structuring and automating the customer recovery process

Excellent visibility of customer stock

A brand inge let’s serve a modern customer relationship

FIPARC provides its customers with support that allows it to exclusively finance software and its associated services. The purpose of this contract is to allow the tenant to smooth the often increasing load for the acquisition of a new application.

Materialized by the signing of a tripartite endorsement with the publisher, the tenant retains all the rights to use his licenses at the end of the contract for an amount known from the start. This is a great way to measure the return on investment of this type of project.

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IPROGEST provides specialized expertise in outsourcing or internalizing payroll and human resources. Skills recognized for more than 15 years.

NATELCO offers a complementary training panel to the services offered by WaySoft.

Hand-picked consultants provide training on a variety of topics:

  • office (excel, word, powerpoint….)
  • management and finance
  • personal and professional development
  • Team cohesion
  • management
  • time management
  • graphic software (photoshop, illustrator, Autocad…)

And much more……..

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